Perfumera Curandera 5mL Perfumes, Jungle Rose Mariri, Picaflor & Santo

Perfumera Curandera Perfumes
5mL of Pure Perfume by Leanne Hirsh
Small batch, handmade magical scents crafted using botanicals, unguents, and fragrant elixirs imbued with extracts of Amazonian and Andean plants and essential oils from all over the world.

Jungle Rose Mariri
Amazonian Xylopia, a flowering distant relative of the magnolia tree.

Perfumera Curandera's distillation process reveals the magic of this complex essence, redolent of lemon custard and overripe fruits on the jungle floor. The spicy honeyed lushness of rose opens at the heart and Cumaceba tree bark’s powdery balsamic richness anchors an earthen base of mystical Piri Piri traditionally used in potions for love and protection.

Intoxicating, and elevating with a base of dark Laotian Agarwood and balsamic Amazonian Aristolochia.

Luminous frankincense and smoky Lapsong souchong intertwine with fire roasted seashells. Herbal rosewood leaf, holy basil and lavender absolute, rounded with vanilla and the contrast of sharp cognac strengthen a sultry heart of Turkish and Egyptian rose. Blood orange and bergamot add a sparking top note.

Picaflor SOLD OUT
Iridescent hummingbird spirit, flitting from blossom to blossom, green tea and floral heart of jasmine and rose.

Amazonian roots with tobacco and cedar offer the deep aroma of earth and moss, revealing herbal hints of verbena, spicy nutmeg and yellow mandarin.

All perfumes come in a colorful handmade woolen bag with a hand sewn label.
1 sample will be included with each bottle ordered